Tuesday, March 23

How to remove CSRCS.exe virus

Is your pc infected with CSRCS.exe virus? Finding it difficult to completely remove this virus? PC Security Forum has here some good information & steps to Remove csrcs.exe virus.

All you have to do is:-
  1. Open Task Manager, locate csrcs.exe (not csrss.exe) under the processes tab and kill the process.
  2. Click start -> run and type msconfig in the Run box, and then go to startup tab. Locate this exe file, if any, and then remove it from there to prevent it from starting up.
  3. Open windows explorer, click tools -> folder options -> view and check the radio box "show hidden files and folders" also uncheck "hide protected operating system files (recommended)"
  4. Go to your system 32 folder by start -> run -> and typing "system32" without quotes. Locate csrcs.exe and shift delete the file. Alternately, you can search the file using windows search in all the drives. Delete all the csrcs.exe instances you find.
For complete details, head over to pc security forum link given above.
Later on, don't forget to run a full system scan using your antivirus and antispyware software and you're good to go.

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big monster said...

My computer is also infected with CSRCS.exe virus..

So my friend suggested me to download malwarebytes antimalware i did the same but nothing happend..my pc stopped working..

But yeah this post made my PC worked again like before..Thanks