Monday, October 11

Secure your Windows XP in 5 minutes

I know what you're thinking, the world is moving to Windows 7 and I am still blabbering about Windows XP. While the world is busy moving to a supposedly better, faster, stable next generation Windows 7 platform, there are a many of us who are still sticking to Windows XP and I think there is a reason for that as well. We love Win Xp!

Its' a great operating system if you ask me and it's been with me for all these years. So here's quick trick to make it faster, safer to use. No, we'll not be manually hacking and tweaking registry settings here. We'll be using a fantastic software SafeXP to increase pc performance and pc security. Beginners and Experts alike, both will love it. With SafeXP, you can...

  • Disable unnecessary Windows services.
  • Prevent Internet attacks.
  • Remove Microsoft Windows Messenger (MSN) application completely.
  • Disable tracking of your document history.
  • Disable Messenger antispam, spyware-like data traffic of System, Internet Explorer, Media Player, Error Reporting and much more  functions into a single easy to use software.
and do much more...Lets' first download it from here:-

Run the program and click recommended settings button and you're done. You can ofcourse do more if you wish to, just make sure you do not disable any windows service that you've been relying on. Many keep windows update enabled and that's a good thing, so just keep an eye on it in the general column.

Now tell me, did it take more than 5 minutes? I bet. :)

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