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Sunday, November 7

Google Thumbnail previews Search enhancement

I was surprised to see a thumbnail previews of websites in my Google search results this morning. It's worth sharing that Google has added one more nice search enhancement after Instant. Google users will now be able to see a larger thumbnail preview of pages they're going to visit beforehand in the right hand side. They can then decide right there whether to visit the page or not. Needless to mention, Bing has been having somewhat similar feature right from the start. See how a query on PC Security keyword shows up in results now.  This may not go favorably for Google sponsored results since the thumbnail may overshadow sponsored results of the right hand side completely. I'm not sure if sponsored results will also get thumbnail previews. Last checked, they were not displaying any for such results.

Thursday, October 21

TheWorld Browser - Just another IE based browser or worth something?

I have tested a number of IE core based browsers like Maxthon, Avant Browser, Crazy browser etc. I had few of them put to test years ago on the pc security blog.

For the uninitiated, IE based browsers utilize internet explorer browser rendering engine. That means the system has to have internet explorer for them to work. They are quite like IE in terms of page display along with some new feature enhancements of their own.

I stumbled across TheWorld browser which appeared quite promising initially and lured me enough to download it and put to test. Here's what I found that may enlighten some users still looking for a browser that fits their needs.

First, lets' see what the publishers say...

TheWorld Browser provides a fast, safe, and easy way to browse the Web. It will revolutionize your internet experience with many useful features that other browsers don't provide. Give it a try, we guarantee our browser is 100% malware free.

Some of the intelligent features it claims to have are...

  • Multi-threaded frame support
  • Intelligent ad blocking
  • Built in powerful time saving tools
  • Built in download manager with resume support
  • Skins and plugins options
What I liked

While testing this browser, I did like some enticing features like it seemed very light weight both in terms of download size and resource utilization. It doesn't hog so much memory like othe mainstream browsers like opera and firefox do. There is built-in resource utilization setting which is definitely a nice touch.  It means you can change in settings how memory and cpu should be utilized...plus there are a number of customization options..Inprivate browsing is also a nice addon that comes along with default installation.

Performance enhancement and resources utilization
I liked performance optimization module which gives us ablility to tweak how cpu and memory resources should be utilized.

The ability to load multiple websites during start up...

Built in Download manager with download resume support..

A good number of options to change browser skin color and ability to more skins
See below how well you can change skin and look and feel of browser.

What was found lacking

Things that I found lacking were...

I did not see any option to customize tab bar placement..(you can't put it in bottom as many of us are used to)..
There was no option to undo closed tabs

Other glitches
You can't change user agent string..it leaves its own on the website. Worst, you can't use IE user string. There was no option to select user string. This means my Gmail would only work in classic mode and despite numerous attempts will not work in html mode. For this, I know you can't entirely blame the browser. Gmail should equally share the blame.

Browser still lacks professional looks
Despite having a number of skinning options and ability to set colors, I believe Theworld still needs a bit of facelifting to achieve that professional look other mainstream browsers sport these days.

I believe the browser is good enough at this small size and offers a lot of customization. You can add more plugins to increase features just like firefox and others. Given some more and a little more innovation put into it, this browser could definitely shape up to be a very good one among IE based browsers.

Please note: I have not tested the browser from security point of view. The developers claim it to be completely free of any sort of malware.

Give it a try here:- http://www.ioage.com/en/download.htm

Let us all know what you think.