Friday, October 15

Ccleaner Enhancer for Ccleaner makes PC cleaning even better

You may very well be acquainted with the nice little ccleaner utility which helps clean up junk residing in your pc and helps in pc optimization and privacy. It frees up disk space by removing unused / unneeded files and makes your computer run better. Now, the problem with Ccleaner is little number of programs it supports (though they are enough for most of the pc users). Did you know there is another nice tool available that enhances ccleaners' power and makes it one of the most comprehensive pc cleaning tool available. Meet Ccleaner Enhancer, This small tool adds support for over 270 new programs into CCleaner which is more than sufficient for any serious junk file removal.


Download ccleaner enhancer and install over your already installed Ccleaner and it'll automatically integrate itself to the application expanding its cleaning capabilities manifold. Now, next time you think of removing crap from your pc, you know where to turn to. :)

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