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Top 6 PC Security Myths

Top 6 PC Security Myths

Myths are prevalent everywhere, no wonder they also find a place among users in the PC Security World.
Kenneth van Wyk from Computerworld has written on some interesting security myths popular among computer users. Take a look.

I can't stop thinking about my experience last month when I had to reload Windows XP for a friend. It makes me think we need to reconsider how we in the security world have failed the consumer. Should it really be necessary for a consumer to be a security expert to safely use a computer?

That seems to be our message. "You should have known not to click that link," we say. "Why would you Artwork: Chip Taylor

trust that that e-mail actually came Artwork: Chip Taylor from your mother?" We get disgusted that users keep falling for old tricks. But what are we doing to actually help these people?

Here's the Myths
  • If an e-mail looks authentic, it is safe.
  • This e-mail came from someone I know, so I know it's safe.
  • If a friend on Facebook or Twitter posts a link, it's safe.
  • If I merely view a message, without clicking on any attachments or links, I'm safe
  • If I go to the URL, but don't do anything while I'm there, I'm OK
  • If my browser displays the locked padlock, then the site is secure.

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Good post! Have you thought about physical security? On my Laptop Security Blog, we're busting myths too!