Sunday, March 21

All new Opera 10.51 gets better, faster and more Secure

I have been using Opera from a long time. However, earlier I occasionally ran into few problems while accessing my Gmail account or working on Google Docs. Sometimes some download links wouldn't just work, working on a spreadsheet in Google docs would prove cumbersome. I preferred chrome or firefox more while working on Docs. But, now, things are changing with the all new opera 10.50 plus series. The new opera is faster & better than ever. Opera software claims it the fastest browser on Earth. See here:-

Opera is also termed as the most secure browser with tons of innovating features like site specific blocking, private browsing mode in tabs or new windows, integrated pop up blocking, quick preferences to enable and disable certain features and lots more.
As a pleasant surprise, the new version has got faster javascript rendering engine, Google docs run smoother than ever. Websites load up faster. The browser itself starts up very fast in comparison to other browsers around and is not a memory hog. It makes use of available system resources efficiently. Opera has a number of great features just out of the box which other browsers lack like integrated Mail, Download resume support, Opera Unite, Opera Link, Opera Turbo, built-in Torrent support. It is the most aesthetically pleasing also out of the lot. All in all, Opera browser is a great piece of software and offers great feature set just out of the box. What's more? You can download it for your favorite Operating system be it Windows, Linux or Mac. PCSecurityworld heartily recommends Opera browser for its innovating feature set.

Download new version below and turbo charge your web browsing experience.

download opera browser

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