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Tracing a cracker online

How to trace a networked Pc using WhoEasy

Ever wondered how to determine the location of a computer from it's IP address?

An IP address tells a lot about an internet connected computer. It is the identity of networked connected pc by which other computers identify it. Every networked pc has an IP address assigned absence of which denotes that it is not connected.

Crackers try to sneak into your system or try to compromise your pc security also connect through some IP address. Here's a some piece of software that could help you to trace the pc to its location based on the IP address.

WhoEasy by
WhoEasy finds the information about any computer in the world based on its IP address or name. Such info includes the name of the network provider, admin and network contact details such as city, state or province, country and even the phone number and street address!

WhoEasy is especially useful when you need to pinpoint a cracker attacking your computer and contact his ISP's abuse department to stop the illegal activity.

Key Features:
Discover who is hidden behind an IP address.
Learn more about the computers that try to connect to yours.
Get full contact info (even phone number and street address) of the Abuse department responsible for a particular cracker.

Although the software costs $14.95 at this time, you can download and evaluate it free for 30 days.

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