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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3: New features for security

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3: New features for security

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, the latest version of the popular Web browser from Microsoft, provides new and more powerful security features to help protect your computer from viruses and spyware. Internet Explorer Beta 3 also displays visible warnings when your personal information might be at risk.

Protect your computer
Help protect your computer against spyware
Windows Defender (Beta 2) works with Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 to help prevent spyware from sneaking onto your computer in common ways, for example, as part of a larger software download.
Help keep attackers out of your computer
ActiveX controls add valuable features, such as animation or pop-up menus, to Web pages. But Internet attackers can also use these controls in ways that they weren't intended to be used.

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 includes an ActiveX opt-in feature, which means that nearly all pre-installed ActiveX controls are off by default. You can still turn them on, however, through the Information Bar and the Add-on Manager. The Add-on Manager also allows you to turn off ActiveX controls once you've enabled them, or to delete them entirely.

Know when your security settings might be too low
The default security settings for Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 provide you with a high level of security, while still enabling access to the Internet. However, some sites may require you to change your security settings to a lower level.

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