Monday, August 7

Free ebook on Protecting your Pc from Spyware

How to protect yourself from Spyware

Here is what the author has to say:

"A good defense starts with a thorough understanding of your opponent’s offense. How to protect yourself from spyware teaches you what is spyware, how is it being distributed and installed and how to proctect from it. Our leading experts in information security show you not only how to discover spyware on your computer but what you can do to protect yourself against them. When it comes to securing your privacy, knowledge is power. This book gives you the knowledge to build a proper defense against spyware."

This is a 20 page ebook that tells you about Spywares, what spyware and adware can do and the different ways and channels by which your computer can get infected with spyware. You will also find some useful information on detecting the presence of spyware in your pc and getting rid of them in case it's found infected.

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