Saturday, April 28

Scan out Virus, Worms, Adware, Spyware infections

Computer Virus Infection - Checking if you are Infected or Not?

Ever wondered why your PC is getting so slow? Or how did those annoying popups get in your internet browser? Well… You probably have some kind of malware in your computer.

Do you want to know if your computer is infected? The extent of the infection and what type of infection it is (Adware, Trojans, Hacking Tools, Worms, Spyware)?

Luckily, there is this new website which allows you to scan your computer for virus.

They offer two free security tools: one they call Panda Nano Scan and another one called Panda Total Scan. The Nano Scan tool is designed to quickly diagnose your PC in about a minute. The Total Scan takes between 5 and 10 minutes. The main difference between these two tools is that the Total Scan (the one that takes a little bit more time) also checks for latent malware and not only active malware. This is useful information, since most of the computers are infected with latent malware.

The website also displays statistic information about the level of infection in all the tested computers. And, of course, more than half the users had some kind of infection. It is really much more common than you think.

Visit and check your computer with either the Nano Scan or the Total Scan tool. Chances are you are already infected. It can't hurt to know.

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