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PC Security in Simple Steps

Simple Steps to Secure your PC:

Securing your computer isn't a very difficult task. It's just that people are not aware of their requirements and the best solutions for those. There are some common problems that everyone faces with an internet-connected computer. These include Viruses, Trojans, All kinds of Malware like Spyware, Adware. There are excellent programs and utilities to combat these pc security threats, but, most of the people are hardly aware of these. Even free pc security software is decently powered to protect an internet connected computer from all the malicious threats. Of course, if you want premium protection, you have to pay. Here's a list of steps you can do to protect your computer with free computer security software. These steps primarily aim to secure your computer from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Malware infections. And, remember free doesn't mean that it's not worth it.

1. Make sure your Windows OS is secure to its core:You are more vulnerable to attacks if your OS is not secured properly. Windows in particular comes packed with lots of vulnerabilities. Pay particular attention to all the critical patches and bug fixes that microsoft provides for windows. You should make a habit of regularly updating your Windows with all the service packs. Don't ever miss critical patches and updates. Also download patches for your internet explorer or other software like email clients. If possible switch to a more secure browser.

2. Firewall is essential for security: Internet connected and without a firewall, thats' a folly. Whenever you are connected to internet, you must turn on a firewall solution to protect yourself of hacker attacks, identity thefts etc. Can't afford to buy one? Get ZoneAlarm free. Zone Alarm free excellently protects your computer and doesn't hog on system resources much. Get zone alarm free if you don't have one.

3. Free Antivirus solution: AVG is a good antivirus tool and keeps most of the active and dangerous viruses in tight control. Updates are fast and easy. Interface needs a face-lift though and you are presented with a few options in free version. There comes packed a schedular, email scanner, resident shield. AVG is just sufficient enough for a home-user needs having no special requirements.

4. Spyware protection: You have to have atleast two antispyware programs installed. Spybot Search and Destroy is good and freely available. It can find out many of the common nuisances. Comes with a bundle of other features as well. You get a robust spyware scanning engine, an immunizer to protect your browser of spywares, and an array of other tools available in advanced mode. It must be in your arsenal to combat spyware infections. The second I'd recommend is Ad-aware free version. Also, get a copy of AVG antimalware which functions as a fully functional version for 30 days and then as free version. Not to mention, free version is quite good in removing all the malware threats.

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